Atterro Workforce Solutions Case Studies

Supporting Growth in Technology


Case Studies - 3THE CHALLENGE: A leading global provider of technology solutions for the energy industry was rapidly growing, but hiring enough qualified people to support the growth was becoming an increasingly strategic and critical problem. The company needed an experienced managed services partner who could implement a total hiring solution including identifying areas for process improvement and managing a variety of staffing vendors, contractors and consultants. In order to find the right ally to accomplish its goals, the company used an external consultant to analyze both its internal situation and competing providers. As a result of this consultation, Atterro was selected as the exclusive partner because of its experience, service and proven success.

THE ACTION PLAN: Atterro began by meeting with Human Resources, Business Unit Leaders and key Departmental Hiring Managers, discovering and identifying what was important to them. The Atterro team collaborated to determine where they could streamline processes and maximize efficiency. Areas identified included:


  • Worked with department managers and human resources to consolidate a list of approved vendors and 1099 contractors.
  • Communicated process changes and contractual requirements to all approved vendors.
  • Ensured compliance with screening, background checks, onboarding and confidentiality procedures.
  • Aligned skill requirements, bill rates and invoicing procedures.


  • Consulted with the customer to eliminate certain elements of its pre-employment criminal background check that were proven to be ineffective and expensive.
  • Added all sub vendors into Atterro’s on-line timekeeping system and implemented a streamlined invoicing process for ease of tracking and payment.
  • Standardized bill rates by department to meet budgets and skill.


  • Interviewed managers to gain a better understanding and document individual departmental needs.
  • Developed an Interview Profile Summary to help identify better qualified talent and provide presentation consistency with each candidate.
  • Facilitated strategic planning meetings with human resources on a weekly basis to address any issues and discuss Atterro initiatives.
  • Initiated weekly meetings with the customer’s direct hire recruiting team to consult on open requisitions and discuss forecasted staffing needs.
  • Developed two week training and onboarding program that included a customized orientation and company video created by Atterro.
  • Standardized background check process for all incoming new hires and contractors.


  • Implemented a post accident/drug testing process for temporary and contract employees that the customer adopted for full-time employees.
  • Attended customer’s internal training for safety audits, training tracking and measurement of employees.
  • Implemented these programs for temporary and contract employees.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Atterro provided the customer with consistent procedures and documentation tools (which they later adopted) to improve the effectiveness of their employee relations investigations.

THE RESULTS: Atterro helped the client meet its aggressive hiring goals thus allowing the firm to sustain its revenue growth. Through more efficient vendor management, the client realized more than $600,000 in hard cost savings, with more subjective soft cost and time savings far exceeding expectations. Using more effective solutions, Atterro was able to ensure a consistently qualified contingent workforce through better screening, selection, onboarding and training efforts.