Atterro Workforce Solutions Case Studies

Sourcing 700+ Talent in a Remote Rural Area


THE CHALLENGE: A global leader in the information technology and business process services in Colorado decided to expand their operations in Troy, AL. To ensure proper operational capabilities, this new on-site location required over 300 customer service representatives in a rural area where neighboring cities are 20 to 30 miles away.

THE ACTION PLAN: Atterro Workforce Solutions developed and executed a custom talent acquisition strategy targeting a variety of leaders and customer service professionals throughout Alabama.

THE RESULTS: During a three-year period, Atterro successfully staffed over 782 open positions, achieving a 98 percent on-time fulfillment rate. Over half of these new hires were eventually hired by the client as full-time employees, many who have been promoted to leadership positions within the organization including supervisors, team leads, trainers, quality assurance, and IT support professionals.

Due to the high level of success and support that Atterro has been able to achieve in staffing this facility, the client assigned Atterro to staff other projects in Denver, Dallas, and Ft. Worth