Atterro Workforce Solutions Case Studies

Engaging Employees with Competitive Pay & Creative Engagement Programs


THE CHALLENGE: A core material development company needed a flexible plan to handle variable staffing needs. As a manufacturer of lightweight composites for aviation, nautical, aerospace, and energy services, they needed skilled machine operators and unique strategies to engage and retain their workforce.

THE ACTION PLAN: The manufacturer partnered with Atterro Workforce Solutions in 2007 to develop creative staffing solutions, flex their workforce, and improve overall employee engagement. Their plan included:

  • Develop employee engagement activities to improve culture and motivate employees
  • Provide on-site recruiting and talent screening
  • Partner with the HR team to develop creative staffing strategies

THE RESULTS: Prior to beginning their staffing partnership in 2007, the manufacturer was running at 400 percent attrition and had a time-to-fill average of 7 days. Today, attrition has dropped by over two thirds and is beating the market average, and time-to-fill has decreased to 3.1 days.

The candidate and employee experience has also improved. Atterro Workforce Solutions implemented programs to help management recognize and reward talent. For example, they created scorecards to consistently monitor performance. Atterro Workforce Solutions also distributes poker chips printed with the manufacturer’s company values. These chips are handed out as incentives and can be turned in for ice cream and other perks.

A decade later, Atterro Workforce Solutions continues to employ over 50 percent of the total workforce. The combination of competitive wages, fringe benefits (including unpaid PTO, holiday pay, bonuses, and other cultural perks), and a great work atmosphere has resulted in a happy and engaged workforce.