Atterro Workforce Solutions Case Studies

Customizing a Staffing Program to Fit Specific Needs


THE CHALLENGE: A computer and technology repair company with three locations in Houston, Texas was looking for help onboarding and managing their large workforce. They needed a provider to offer talent management support and manage employee relations.

THE ACTION PLAN: Atterro stepped in to serve as a supplemental HR department – in essence, be their ‘people management’ agency. Because Atterro’s services are customizable, the client was able to create a program to fit their needs. As a result, Atterro is involved in some, but not all, aspects of the hiring process. The client prefers to recruit, screen, and interview, while Atterro is responsible for:

  • Verifying employment eligibility
  • Preparing interview packets
  • Providing onsite drug testing
  • Setting assignment details and the start date
  • Providing some training

Once hired, the candidate then becomes an Atterro employee. With this, Atterro provides full payroll services, as well as disciplinary action and workers compensation, as needed.

THE RESULTS: Since 2009, Atterro has saved the client considerable time and risk. Atterro currently employs over 1,000 contractors at their three facilities. Many of the talent have been working there for two decades. Most importantly, the client is pleased with the level of service:

“Atterro makes our job easier by providing additional support to address employee concerns and policy enforcement. Without their services, we would need additional onsite support to continue our day-to-day processes. We especially appreciate the support Atterro provides to address and manage talent employee relations.” – Human Resource Manager