Atterro Workforce Solutions Case Studies

How Atterro Workforce Solutions doubled the skilled trade workforce for a provider of natural gas compression equipment

An oil and gas equipment provider was expanding its Houston manufacturing facility and needed to more than double its skilled trade workforce – including welders and machinists, among Houston’s highest demand positions.

To recruit these hard-to-find candidates, Atterro Workforce Solutions developed a customized plan that went well beyond conventional talent acquisition, including such tactics as:

  • Creating a compelling marketing campaign targeting both active and passive job seekers
  • Offering enhanced referral bonuses to all working employees
  • Engaging in skilled trade chat rooms to build new relationships
  • Working directly with trade school career counselors
  • Participating in energy, welding and engineering association meetings and conducting welding competitions to attract new candidates
  • Utilizing Atterro’s recruiting center resources to respond to every candidate inquiry within 30 minutes

Atterro successfully staffed 185 skilled trade positions for this company, which subsequently hired more than 40 Atterro temporary workers as regular employees.

Number of skilled trade labor staffed

Minutes to respond to applicant inquiries

Number of recruiting outlets used to acquire talent