Atterro Workforce Solutions

Keeping pace with your company’s contingent workforce requirements and managing the need for top-notch temporary and contract candidates calls for the experience and resources of Atterro Workforce Solutions.  With our help, you’ll get unparalleled control and efficiency, mitigation of risk and undeniable value.

The high cost of vacancy

CostIconWhen a business is understaffed, it will soon experience the negative impact. Insufficient headcount can lead to lower production and increased overtime, resulting in lost revenue and added costs. Prolonged vacancies can affect delivery schedules and customer service, resulting in a tarnished image and reputation. This can also create issues with employee morale.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is time to contact Atterro Workforce Solutions.

Strategic talent recruitment

StrategicIconSeasoned. Atterro Workforce Solutions on-site recruiters have the field experience and deep understanding of position requirements necessary to successfully source qualified temporary and contract candidates for jobs in every category.

Resourceful. Supported by off-site resources and contemporary technology for talent sourcing, the Atterro Workforce Solutions team is able to handle high-capacity requirements efficiently.

Expert. Atterro’s off-site support features talent acquisition specialists who custom tailor a complete strategy for attracting the qualified people you need when you need them.

Supportive. A vital component of that strategy includes precisely targeted recruiting materials, crafted by our in-house marketing team using your company’s brand and voice, in all appropriate media: mobile, interactive and print.

Customized solutions from Atterro

CustomIconConsultative. The Atterro team listens to you, looks at the total picture, then consults with you to build an individualized action plan. The strategy might include modifying schedules, adding or removing a shift, as well as increasing or decreasing the number of workers in specific job categories to improve productivity.

Versatile. Atterro Workforce Solutions teams have the know-how to get up-and-running fast to hire skilled people in categories as diverse as: manufacturing, call center, distribution, office administration, telecom, oil and gas, business outsourcing, technology and e-commerce.

Nimble. Unlike other large staffing and recruiting companies that can be slowed down by their complex structure and procedures, Atterro is a closely-held business run by an ownership team vested in top performance and timely decision-making. Our clients appreciate the difference. Atterro Workforce Solutions is able to be innovative – building custom solutions, unique to each client’s circumstances, which would be impossible to accomplish quickly in a firm tangled by its own bureaucracy.

Accountable. With Atterro- transparency is the goal, so you’ll always know where things stand. Our team continually gauges its performance against your goals by measuring job fulfillment rates, time-to-hire, worker attendance and other vital workforce management metrics to ensure that you are getting real value from the partnership.


Make Atterro Workforce Solutions your on-site staffing partner.