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We Challenge You to Random Acts of Kindness for World Kindness Day

Being kind doesn’t cost a thing. In fact, investing in some kindness can provide you quite the return. Research shows that altruism can actually make you happier. It’s also been known to make you feel stronger, calmer, and more energized. Talk about getting a jump on the day.

Besides, engagement in the workplace, which comes from feeling secure, supported, and valued by others, can do wonders for the bottom line. People are 21 percent more productive when engaged, and companies can see 41 percent lower absenteeism and 59 percent lower turnover by improving engagement in their workforce.

Today is World Kindness Day, so the timing couldn’t be better for a few random acts of kindness at work. And one of the following may just be the right act for your office:

1. Share baked goods with the team.

When coworkers come into the office, what if there were a selection of donuts and pastries waiting for their arrival? Most grocery stores stock both fresh and day-old — not to mention, some pre-packaged varieties.

2. Bring in coffee for everyone.

Pick a random day to swing by the local coffee shop and surprise your colleagues by bringing everyone their favorite drink. Limit the expense by picking up coffee for just your team members.

3. Buy lunch for a colleague.

At the most, you’re looking at a $10-investment to make a colleague’s day, if not week by taking him out to lunch. Let him choose the locale to give the act an extra oomph of kindness.

4. Share your snacks.

Something as simple as sharing a snack with one of your colleagues can be enough to turn that frown upside-down. Yes, we just said that. Pack an extra one in your lunch or keep a few in your drawer for such an occasion.

5. Extend an invitation.

Workplaces are notoriously cliquey — even if it’s in appearance only. When a colleague often lunches or grabs coffee alone, extend an invite to join you and your crew. Most people are too uncomfortable to do it themselves, especially if new.

6. Run an errand or two.

Few people want to spend the remainder of their day running even one errand. If it’s on your way home, offer to drop a package in the mail. Or, make it easy on yourself and just ask it you can grab something from the supply cabinet.

7. Mentor a new colleague.

The first few months of a job can be a minefield of dos and don’ts. Take a recent hire under your wing and show him the ropes. Share your experience on the best ways of doing the job.

8. Go the extra mile.

Offering to help out a coworker is one of those spur-of-the-moment acts of kindness that can go over rather well. Ask if a colleague needs you to stay late to help with project done or take a difficult customer off her hands.

9. Dole out a little praise.

Praise from a colleague may not have as much weight as from the CEO, but complimenting a coworker can make her 19 percent more likely to feel like she fits in. Make praise as specific and authentic as possible.

10. Put it in words.

Little things often have the most impact on someone’s day. So, stop by a coworker’s desk just to say good morning or good night. And if you’ve got the time, ask about his evening or plans for the night.

Kindness is contagious: it spreads around you, multiplying its benefits for days to come. But instead of reserving random acts of kindness for just November 13th, do one each day forward. You’ll be surprised how something so small can have such a huge impact on the workplace.

National Boss’s Day 2017: Gift Ideas for Almost Every Boss

National Boss’s Day 2017: Gift Ideas for Almost Every Boss

Business etiquette tells us gift giving in the office traditionally comes from a boss to an employee. You should never feel obligated to purchase a gift for a superior. Besides, appearances being what they are, even the most innocent of gifts could seem to colleagues as an attempt to “buy” your way into someone’s good graces.

So, given all that, what exactly do you do for National Boss’s Day on Monday, October 16th?

If you want to mark the occasion with a gift, by all means, do. But consider giving a group gift rather than one on your own. After all, you probably work on a team, and it just stands to reason that a gift should come from all of you.

Email your colleagues to see whether anything is in the works. If not, take it upon yourself to plan something. You’ve got about a week to nail everything down. Use those delegation skills to get all the details squared away, like who’s in charge of the money collection, the purchase, the gift-wrap, the card, etc.

This, of course, leads us to the biggest question of all: What gift do you give the head honcho?

In an effort to help, we’ve compiled a number of gift ideas for the different types of bosses in the workplace today. Some will be more appropriate than others, depending on the personality and lifestyle of the person in charge.

Traditional Boss

If you work in a more conventional workplace, and for a more conventional boss, chances are good that a more conventional gift is the way to go. Consider buying a leather business planner, and then personalize it with his or her initials. Or, you can always ship a Starbucks gift basket with a stainless steel travel mug right to your boss’s office door.

Creative Boss

If you work in advertising, publishing, or even architecture, the top dog is likely a creative type. And that means you can let your creative juices flow when picking out a token of gratitude. On the cheap side, there’s always 642 Things to Draw or The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering. When you want to spend a little more, consider the Sensu Digital Artist Brush, which lets you “paint” on the iPad, iPhone, and other touchscreen devices.

Idealistic Boss

An idealistic boss is often guided by his or her principles, and most of the attention is paid to the future. So as far as gift giving goes, you’re probably safe making a donation in your boss’s name. Hand-made gifts are also an option, like a scrapbook from the team, filled with notes on specific instances when something your boss said or did that had a positive impact on work or life.

Trendy Boss

One look, and you can tell whether you’re working for a trendsetter. He or she is always in the know of what’s hot and what’s not, which can make gift giving a bit of challenge. The person has taste, and you never know if you’ll find a gift to match it. So, the best option is to go with the hottest gifts, like a woodsy room spray from Aesop, the ultimate sleep experience from Slip, or a signature canvas tote from Will.

Tech-Savvy Boss

Like the trendy boss, it’s easy to spot a tech-head. Without fail, he or she will have the newest and hottest gadgets around. In this situation, you can always pick up a Wi-Fi Range Extender. Who doesn’t need a little more power at work or home? If your techy boss also has a penchant for grilled food, there’s also the Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaner. It’s like Roomba, only for a grill.

Playful Boss

The playful boss isn’t a far cry from the creative one. But instead of more artistic endeavors, this boss probably values fun. For gift giving, you can never go wrong with music, like Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker or JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Speaker. If you’d rather keep the price on the lower end, Doodling for Dog People is always an option.

With gift giving, you always want to make it about the recipient — even when that recipient is the boss. If you do decide to get a gift for National Boss’s Day, tailor it to the person and give it from the heart. Otherwise, it won’t matter how much or how little you spend. It’ll just come off as an empty gesture at best.

Happy 35th Anniversary – To Us!

This week marks our 35th year in business. Our founder, Jeff Dobbs, started this company in 1982 with nothing but core values; integrity, hard work, professionalism, world class service, community involvement, and fun are just a few of those values that still guide our company today. Thank you to our staff, Talent, and customers for contributing to our success! We’re excited to see where the next 35 years take us all!

It’s National Staffing Employee Week – Thank You!

Dear Valued Talent,

I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the outstanding work you do every day. Talented employees like you create the success of each of the companies we serve across multiple industries and drive positive results for all of us.

On behalf of the entire Atterro organization and all of our brands – Digital People, Hunter Hamilton, Pro Staff, Technical ProSource and Ware Technology Services – I thank you for all you do. With a variety of available employment opportunities, we appreciate you choosing to work with us.

Wishing you all the best in your career,

Greg Jensen
Executive Vice President
Atterro Human Capital Group

Are You Ready for National Staffing Employee Week [September 18-24]?

Staffing Employee Week – September 18-24 – is the perfect time to acknowledge the contributions contingent workers make to your organization. We all want to feel that we matter. This need is just as real for temporary employees as it is for traditional employees.

Here are a couple ways to show your appreciation for their valuable contributions to your team

  • Consider holding a special party for contingent workers who work from home and work off-hours. Hold it at an hour when all can attend. It doesn’t need to be extravagant. It’s the thought that will be appreciated.
  • Offer gift certificates to local coffee shops, gas cards, gift baskets of snacks, gift cards to specific stores (e.g. hardware stores, book stores, grocery stores, depending on the situation). Be sure to accompany any gift with a heartfelt thank-you card. Include a line or two of your appreciation for their help; let them know they are a part of the corporate family.

Of course, showing recognition to your valued workers goes beyond one week of the year. To create a productive workforce, you must continually show your employees – including (and especially) contingent workers – that they are important team members. Here are a few reminders for you:

  • Be impartial and open-minded. Treat contingent workers fairly and equitably. They and traditional employees will see the same rules apply to everyone regardless of status.
  • Acknowledge the employee’s presence. A plain old “How are you today?” or “Have a good day” shows that you are aware of the employee’s existence and validates them.
  • Devote your full attention when speaking with the employee. Listen closely and notice body language if face-to-face. Practice active listening.
  • Be sure the employee knows that you are available to them for questions and clarification.
  • Use the employee’s name. We all feel confirmed as valuable when someone takes the effort to remember who we are, by name.
  • Give credit where credit is due. Acknowledging an employee’s efforts and successes is critical to valuing them. Plus, they will see it as making you more trustworthy.
  • Make a point to know some details about the employee. Share a comment about their hobbies, their work, their family, etc. If you hear of an upcoming graduation or anniversary date, congratulate them.

Beyond Staffing Employee Week

Interacting with employees in a respectful manner every day benefits your bottom line. Welcome input from all workers. Be sure that your team continues to include contingent workers in staff meetings and team discussions. Also, be sure to give contingent workers access to resources they need as employees. Consider assigning them a mentor so they can feel more confident in their work assignments.

Encouraging contingent workers to take initiative provides them a sense of ownership. Today’s temporary worker may reveal himself to be an invaluable resource and worth hiring full-time later on. The technical worker who returns time and again for projects will be more knowledgeable and prepared as she continues the work assigned to her.

Contingent workers can offer your team fresh insights and bring innovative ideas. Regard contingent workers as part of your productive team, and they will behave as such. Treat people the way you want them to act. An inclusive, collaborative environment sparks creativity.

The power of receiving a “thank you” can’t be overestimated. In the same way that we all want to feel that we’re part of a tribe, we all want sincere recognition for our efforts at work.

Advantage Resourcing Announces Changes in U.S. and Executive Leadership

Advantage Resourcing Announces Changes in U.S. and Executive Leadership

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, USA, July 28, 2017 – Hitoshi Motohara, Advantage Resourcing Chairman, announced leadership changes in Advantage Resourcing U.S. and UK operations effective July 29, 2017.

To better leverage synergies of Recruit Holdings owned U.S. based companies (Advantage Resourcing and Staffmark), Motohara has put both companies under one CEO. To accomplish this, the scope of Staffmark CEO, Geno Cutolo will now also include U.S. based Advantage Resourcing operations. The current leadership teams for Advantage Resourcing North America, Advantage xPO U.S. and Atterro will now report directly to Cutolo. Former Advantage Resourcing CEO, Toshio Oka, transitioned from Recruit to perform the CEO role during key transition years. Recognized as an industry leader, Oka’s contributions were key to gains in both capability and efficiency.

Read the full press release here.

Atterro Named to Book of Lists

Atterro Named to Book of Lists

The Houston Business Journal has released their annual Book of Lists – a special edition that includes a snapshot of the local economy and a ranking of top employers. We’re excited to announce that Atterro has been named the Largest Temporary Staffing Firm for the fourth consecutive year!

We’re honored to be named to the list and humbled to know that we couldn’t do it without our amazing clients, talent, and employees. Thank you for being a part of our growth and allowing us to serve the Houston area.

We’d also like to give a shout-out to the other companies who were included in the Book of Lists. Learn more about the award and how you can receive a copy of the guide here .

A Look Back on 2016

A Look Back on 2016

Happy 2017! We hope you had a happy holiday season. We’re excited for what the coming year has in store!

Before we get too far into the new year, we want to take a moment to reflect on 2016. After reviewing many of the memories captured in photos, we decided to put a video together with all of Atterro’s brands, including: Digital People, Hunter Hamilton, Pro Staff, Technical ProSource, and Ware Technology Services. It includes photos taken at many of the events we attended this past year, including volunteer events, conferences, job fairs, and more. We were happy to meet many of YOU at these events! Enjoy!


Cross-Training Tips (PKWY Magazine)

Cross-Training Tips (PKWY Magazine)

trainingAs you’ve been covering summer vacations the past few months, you’ve likely realized just how important cross-training is! If this is an important (or new!) initiative within your organization, we have an article for you! Doug Karr, VP of Pro Staff-Texas recently wrote an article for PKWY Magazine that includes six tips for cross-training success.

Read the article below or visit PKWY Magazine (see page 43).

As published in PKWY Magazine

“That’s not my job” has no place in your company. How do you help prevent it? Cross-train! No one person should be the only one that knows how to complete a task within your organization.

Cross-training provides an opportunity for employees to build relationships and better understand how each employee adds value to the company. Cross-trained employees can easily step in when co-workers take vacations, become ill, work on special projects, or leave to pursue other opportunities. It’s also proven to boost morale, productivity, and job satisfaction.

To provide seamless coverage when an employee isn’t available, consider these tips:

1. Plan, plan, plan.
Training programs require serious planning. Sit down with your management team to determine what job functions require cross-training, who is best equipped to provide the training, and when the training should take place. If cross-training is a new initiative within your company, it’s also wise to plan how to announce the program to your employees.

2. Create a team-oriented organization.
Don’t just talk about teamwork. Make it one of your core company values. Show employees how their ability to help coworkers benefits their team and the organization at large. Celebrate team successes and learn from team mistakes.

3. Determine who to train.
Cross-training isn’t only for seasoned employees. Begin cross-training soon after employees are hired. It will prevent them from getting stuck in a routine of just doing one job and will communicate that learning new skills is an important part of your company culture.

It’s also important to realize that some people are built for certain skills only and may not be able to handle the added responsibility. And that’s okay!

4. Communicate and get employee buy-in.
It’s important to clearly explain how and why cross-training will occur. Share the benefits and ask your employees for ideas and feedback. It’s imperative – I repeat, imperative – that employees understand that cross-training needs are not a reflection of poor performance. Clearly communicate your intentions to avoid any misunderstandings or unnecessary job-loss fear.

5. Train a little at a time.
You’re running a business, not a school. An hour here and there can go a long way without curbing productivity. Extending the training process also allows time for new information to be absorbed.

6. Have a back-up plan.
Create a partnership with a staffing agency that can provide quick access to trained professionals should the need arise. Temporary staff are ideal for covering special projects, increases in workflow, or specific skill gaps that cross-training cannot fill.

No matter how tight of a ship you are running, there will be times when employees are not able to do their jobs. By having a plan in place, you’ll be able to navigate these challenges with minimal disruption and productivity loss. While cross-training does take time and effort, it’s a small price to pay for the long-term benefits and security.

To learn more about how Atterro can help cover vacations or staffing shortages, visit our Employer page or contact your local Atterro office.

Contingent Workforce Management Solutions (Staffing Industry Analysts)

Contingent Workforce Management Solutions (Staffing Industry Analysts)

Contract labor has become increasingly popular, yet it also presents a number of challenges. Joshua Smith, VP of Business Development with Atterro, Ware Technology Services’s parent company, recently wrote an article for Staffing Industry Analysts with contingent workforce management solutions.

Read a snippet below or visit Staffing Industry Analysts to read the full article.

Contingent labor is an important and rapidly growing segment of today’s workforce. In 1983, contract workers accounted for just over 0.5% of all employment. Today’s average mix of contingent workers has grown from 12% in 2009 to 18% in 2015, according to a survey conducted by Staffing Industry Analysts. CareerBuilder’s 2016 Job Forecast reported that 47% of employers plan to hire contract workers in 2016.

What is the explanation behind the shift? Contract labor has become an increasingly popular component of employers’ long-term workforce strategies. It provides employers with a cost-effective, steady workforce, while offering workers flexibility and balance not found in traditional jobs. It’s a win-win!

Managing a Contingent Workforce Isn’t Easy
That said, a contingent workforce also presents its own challenges. Managing a constant influx of contingent workers can create:

  • Increased stress. Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding the people you need to maintain and grow your business requires time, effort, and skill; when faced with high-volume hiring, those requirements grow exponentially. Greater levels of complexity call for greater levels of expertise. Even if you have a very capable staff of recruiters and HR pros, the process of hiring a large number of workers can be daunting.
  • Inefficient processes. A contingent workforce is often handled by multiple department managers within a company, each possibly using a different staffing vendor. As a result, the organization’s staffing model is riddled with inconsistencies. Some workers may be redundant, hired at higher rates, or not tied to the appropriate cost center.

To read the rest of this article, including solutions, visit Staffing Industry Analysts. To learn more about how Ware Technology Services can help you manage a contingent workforce, visit our Employer page or contact your local Ware Technology Services office.

To learn more about how Atterro can help you manage contract labor, visit our Contingent Workforce Solutions page or contact your local Atterro office.