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Performing a search is an important process. It involves numerous interviews and screening procedures. Finding a highly qualified candidate to match your requirements can be time-consuming, costly and complex.

Pro Staff’s contingent search solutions are designed to be efficient, collaborative and, above all, successful. Search assignments are about solving critical business problems; therefore, we seek to fully understand your organization's priorities and challenges. By utilizing the latest research, technology and assessment tools, we aim to find candidates whose experience, core competencies and leadership capabilities will ensure optimal performance in the role.

How Search works for your organization

  • Identify unique priorities, challenges and opportunities that characterize the search assignment.
  • Recommend a search strategy to ensure success at every stage in the process.
  • Utilize our search methodology and technologies to find the right candidates.
  • Conduct interviews and check references to discover the qualities in candidates that match your requirements.
  • Provide thorough communication during the life-cycle of the search assignment.