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Contingent Workforce SmartSourcing

Optimize your workforce during shifting business circumstances

Customized SmartSourcing solutions to improve performance and offset risk

The Atterro Contingent Workforce SmartSourcing (CWS) team assists business leaders with comprehensive human capital management to meet their strategic goals and fulfill their business plans. The result is unparalleled control and efficiency, designed to deliver improved performance, mitigation of risk issues, substantial cost savings and value.

Contingent workers can be a critical part of your company’s workforce strategy and success, supporting growth and expansion, shifting business cycles and special short-term needs. An effective contingent workforce management partner delivers customized solutions to optimize your workforce in response to changing circumstances.

What does Atterro CWS provide?

  • Rapid response to staffing needs
  • Total fulfillment of all positions with quality talent
  • Contemporary technology for talent sourcing
  • Scalable, budget-based cost management
  • Staffing plans adapted to shifting business cycles and fluctuations
  • Onsite team, supported by offsite resources, to efficiently handle capacity requirements
  • Extensive metrics to evaluate performance.

Why is this a good time to consider Atterro CWS?
Many organizations have drastically reduced their internal recruiting staff and may now be facing greater risk of key employee turnover as the job market improves.  In response, an organization’s leaders may consider rebuilding their internal recruiting team or place more reliance on outside agencies.

However, managing multiple outside agencies can be daunting for a lean internal staff and, all too often, the conventional hiring process is too lengthy and unproductive for managers with more pressing business responsibilities.

Why choose Atterro CWS?
Atterro CWS solutions are provided by experienced professionals utilizing the latest research, recruiting technology and assessment tools. They are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service, focused on enhancing the productivity and profitability of your business.

Atterro CWS customizes services according to your needs:

  • As primary staffing provider or exclusive provider for a business unit or skill specialty.
  • As primary provider of onsite staffing services, managed services provider (MSP) of other staffing firms under contract or as implementer of a managed service provider solution, as required.
  • As manager of a large number of contingent workers for a defined project or period of time.

What results can you expect?
An Atterro CWS solution:

  • Expands your capacity to hire talent for critical positions and meet production schedules.
  • Insulates your organization against co-employment liability concerns.
  • Improves productivity significantly.
  • Fulfills all openings with quality contingent talent.
  • Provides strict process compliance, enhanced control and usage transparency.
  • Reduces hard dollar costs with invoice reduction, decreased overtime spending and improved time-keeping management.
  • Saves soft dollars with reduced internal hiring staff time, improved risk mitigation and planned future cost savings.

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